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flyjsim 737-200 twin jet Pro

flyjsim 737-200 twin jet Pro

FlyJSim continues their commitment to delivering high quality aircraft for the X-Plane platform! Its time to Experience the Jet Age with the 732 TwinJet which is
modeled off the 737-200 Advanced, with JT8D-15A engines, and a SP-77 Autopilot. The plane offers an experience like nothing before and some for every type of pilot.


v3 Brings a visual and auditory experience like nothing before…

  • For the ears: From the roar of the JT8D turbojets on takeoff to the individually recorded cockpit switch sounds, to the seat belt signs overhead seat 26A, the FMOD sound pack provides a fully 3D positioned immersive experience. Put on your headphones and crank up the volume!
  • For the eyes: Fully utilizes X-Plane 11.10s Physics Based Rendering capabilities with a complete retexturing of the cockpit, liveries, and a fully rendered 3D cabin! Admire the sunlight reflecting off the painstakingly hand-textured wings and fuselage as you climb the 3D animated modeled airstairs and cabin plug-door. Was that you that left the coffee stain on the galley counter?

The 732 TwinJet v3 is the perfect airliner for any pilot...

  • For the beginner. Get acquainted with this easy to fly aircraft! The FlyJSim 732 TwinJet comes packaged with easy-to-use checklists and the X-Plane 11 FMC to accurately fly full RNAV procedures with ease. Flight-planning and navigation is easy, so sit back in economy class and enjoy the sights and sounds of our newly modelled cabin!
  • For the advanced. Navigate just like the real pilots who originally flew this plane. Using ground based navigation, VOR-to-VOR, gauging DME distances, chasing ADF needles and the glide slope beam.
  • For the veteran. Control wheel steering (CWS) and unique aspects of the SP-77 autopilot are modeled with engaging fidelity. From departure to cruise and descent to touchdown, challenge yourself to fly the plane according to real procedures. Couple custom failures, generated when the custom maintenance system is enabled, with faithful systems modeling and your flight will be one to never stop talking about. Once you are back safely parked on the ground.

FlyJSim Custom Replay System in v3
Take the visual experience and learning to the next level during replays. The FlyJSim custom replay system records far more parameters, allowing you to enjoy all those exterior surfaces in accurate motion, even after you have shut the plane down at the gate. Learn from your performance in replay while reviewing more instrument needles, switches, guards, and levers in the cockpit not previously provided by X-Planes native replay.

True-to-Life Exterior

  • Incredible textures in v3. Rivets, reflections, and surface bumps all add up to give you that extra bit of realism. A completely accurate replica of the 737-200 Adv, down to the last hand placed rivet.
  • Detailed animations in v3. All exterior control surfaces animated accurately to real world behavior and smoothly driven even in replay using the custom replay system.
  • Exterior sounds in v3. JT8Ds have a roar like no other.
  • Detailed lighting. Lighting is based off real 737 data. Landing, taxi, taxi turnoff, strobe, beacon, navigation lights, wing and even logo lights have been faithfully modeled using the real angles and widths of the real 737 lights. And the lighting looks better than ever as they light up these new v3 liveries.
  • Wing flex. Of course. You wouldn’t want them to snap.

Immersive Interior

  • Fully interactive and dynamically lit cabin in v3. Detailed seats, adjustable lighting and interactive doors and air-stairs, movable window blinds, and baggage compartments you could stow away in!
  • Unprecedented cockpit lighting in v3. All cockpit lights are controllable. These include all indirect lighting on the panels, storm lights under the glare-shield, center console light to shine onto the throttles, dome light to illuminate the entire cockpit at night, and two map lights. Light spills realistically from annunciators onto nearby switches. Flying at night doesn’t get more fun. Each of the over 300 lights fades in and out like authentic incandescent bulbs.
  • Best in class cockpit manipulators are even better in v3. The dedication to Intuitive cockpit manipulation that you would expect from a FlyJSim product continues in v3 with mousewheel support added for the knobs you want it on. Great care has been taken in setting up just how you interact with the switches, knobs, and levers in the cockpit. Dial in your headings, course, altitude, and radios with ease, even while flying online.
  • Animations everywhere. Each switch, lever, knob, and handle is animated. Press to test functionality on annunciators. Standby compass stowable. Both map lights adjustable. (You do have that approach plate onboard, correct?)
  • Precisely dimensioned 3D cockpit. Modeled using real dimensions down to the size of the switches.
  • 3D modeled circuit breakers in v3. As you go to check out the cabin, be sure to notice these beautiful breakers. You might spot a couple of surprising system breakers.

Study Level Systems And Dynamics in v3

Designed with input and testing by former 737-200 pilots and mechanics.

  • Advanced flight model utilizing the absolute latest XP11.10 vector based flight dynamics, including refined down-wash and ground effect.
  • SP-77 autopilot modeled including Control Wheel Steering (CWS) modes
  • JT8D-15A engine performance tuned across the full flight envelope
  • Control surfaces driven using fully custom coding, simulating hydraulic pressures, blow-down effects and standby control surface modes in the event of failures.
  • Autobrake system modeled to match real world data
  • Every annunciator light is push to test. Spot the burnt out bulbs during preflight!
  • Bleed systems and performance physically modeled, and respond to temperature, altitude, wear, and humidity. Look in the FCOM to find the N2 requirements for a cross-bleed start.
  • Pressurization and environmental cabin control systems faithfully modeled. Open the doors to let a breeze in, get AC on before loading passengers on a hot day, and watch the cabin temp cool as the sun sets. Auto, Standby, AC and DC manual modes all faithfully modeled. Cabin doors are pressure locked.
  • FMC and CIVA units realistically coupled to pilot HSI for improved situational awareness
  • Fully custom hydraulic systems and electrical busses
  • Instrument Comparator
  • GPWS including test functionality
  • Warning systems
  • Fire protection systems
  • Weather radar

Comprehensive Menu System

  • Redesigned and Inobtrusive Left-side Menu that dynamically appears only when moused over
  • Weight and Balance Manager provides detailed loading of passengers, cargo and fuel to accurately and dynamically shift the aircraft’s CG
  • V-card popup provides dynamic V-speeds for landing and takeoff including improved flap schedule calculations for user selected takeoff and landing flap config
  • Additional customizable options menu to configure the plane and navigation systems
  • Checklist and notes provided in sime with a 32-page fully customizable window that includes checklists and an overview of the aircraft. Have something you need to reference in the flight? Add it into the notes page!

Maintenance System For Added Challenge in v3
An optional persistent maintenance and failure system is new in v3 to make your day more interesting. No more will you be flying a brand new aircraft each flight. Instead each flight will wear out your engines, APU, generators … and even airframe. Your flying technique will now have a direct bearing on failures and maintenance.

Manuals and Learning Material
Plane ships with detailed manuals, procedures, and thorough checklists.

All New Liveries Included for v3

  • Lufthansa (D-ABHD)
  • United “Stars and Bars” (N427VA)
  • Aloha (N73711)
  • Aer Lingus (EI-BDY)
  • KLM (PH-TVX)
  • Southwest (N93SW)
  • Air France (F-GBYD)
  • WestJet (C-FLWJ)
  • FlyJSim v3 House Colors (C-IGAR)
  • Paint kit and additional liveries available on FlyJSim.com

3rd Party Integrations

  • Ground call button integrated with the free open-source Better Pushback Plugin (https://github.com/skiselkov/BetterPushbackC) Plan and push from the gate without leaving the immersion of the cockpit.
  • PilotEdge (www.pilotedge.net) audio volume control and transmit/receive light. Adjust com volume and monitor communication directly from the center pedestal in the 3D cockpit. The ultimate experience in online ATC simulation.
  • Custom 3D model to make full use of CIVA navigation system
  • Smartcopilot compatible.

Shared Flight Deck Supported

This plane is guaranteed to fully support Shared Flight Deck (coming soon) for the ultimate multi-crew and passenger experience.

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توجه: پس از خرید فایل، لینک دانلود بصورت خودکار در اختیار شما قرار می گیرد و همچنین لینک دانلود به ایمیل شما ارسال می شود. درصورت وجود مشکل می توانید از بخش تماس با ما ی همین فروشگاه اطلاع رسانی نمایید.

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  انتشار : ۲ اردیبهشت ۱۳۹۷               تعداد بازدید : 1942

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